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One Mom’s Guide to Staying Healthy When You’re Busy

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I have a full daily routine as a busy mom juggling a full-time business. I know that if I don’t make health a priority, it’ll quickly fall by the wayside. Is it possible to stay fit and healthy even if you have a packed schedule? Yes, it is. Let me share with you some ways I do that.

Rely on a Meal Plan

To stay motivated to eat healthy during my busy schedule, I have a meal plan that I rotate through on a regular basis. I keep a stash of recipes that are delicious, quick and simple to prepare, such as baked salmon with herbs and spices, and chicken with rosemary and garlic. I pair these simple entrees with side dishes like sweet potatoes, steamed vegetables and salad. Organic salad greens that come in bags or clear plastic boxes save time too.

Dine Out the Smart Way

There are some days I simply don’t have the time or don’t feel like cooking, no matter how many healthy recipes I have. When I dine out, I still try to make healthy choices. When ordering, I look for words like steamed, baked, poach, roasted, broiled or grilled and avoid foods that are fried, sautéed or crispy. If you find a food option that looks appetizing, you can always ask the waiter to have the item grilled, steamed or baked instead. Most places will be happy to accommodate your request.

Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is important every day, but even more so when you’re busy. Staying hydrated will keep your energy levels high, your hunger down and concentration sharp. When we get dehydrated, our bodies often confuse thirst for hunger. I carry around a reusable water bottle to help keep myself hydrated.

Embrace Short Workouts

Between my responsibilities at work and at home, it’s hard to fit in long workouts. My strategy is to weave short “bursts” of exercise into my day, like when I’m cleaning the house or watching one of my children’s soccer games. Every little bit counts!

Keep the Gym at Home

It’s common to feel like a failure when you can’t find the energy to drive to the gym and work out. But, when you have the tools you need at hand, it’s easier to feel compelled to exercise (and actually do it). I keep various simple and inexpensive exercise equipment at home, such as small weights, exercise bands, an exercise ball and DVDs that contain short (but effective!) workouts.

Take Baby Steps

Ready to start? Remember, don’t change too much all at once. You could easily overwhelm yourself and get burned out. Just make one small tweak at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be experiencing positive improvements. It took me years to find a routine that works for my family and me. It’s all about baby steps and steadily heading in the right direction.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re busy? Let us know by commenting below!

Judy Wilson

Judy Wilson is a writer and editor specializing in varied content areas, including health, wellness, food, cooking and nutrition. She enjoys educating others and enabling them to lead fulfilling lives of vibrant health. You can follow Judy on Twitter @EvergreenWords.

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