Month: December 2017

The Surprising Ways Every Aspect of Life Affects Your Health

Do you ever feel lost when people talk about wellness? The definition of wellness is “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” Let’s be honest, good health can feel a little out of reach sometimes, but is this because we’re not looking at it through our own individual lens? Better health doesn’t look the same for one person as it does their neighbor, but it could be something they’re both trying to achieve.   As a competitive cyclist, better health for me means being able to perform better so I can enjoy racing my bike. That means I’m trying to eat healthy, get enough sleep, and keep my stress levels low so I can recover from workouts quicker and ultimately improve my performance. But for my parents, their goals for better health are different. They want to be comfortably mobile during retirement and have the energy to enjoy time with their grandchildren. That means they’re talking to their doctors about preventing chronic conditions like hypertension while looking for ways …

Deskercising 101

Doctors agree that the human body wasn’t made to sit for extended periods of time, so deskercising — getting your blood pumping and/or strengthening muscles while you work — may be a step in the right direction for us office workers. Here are some of the latest trends and their pros and cons.