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7 Productivity Apps for Busy Families

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Using your time wisely is always important, but even more so once school is back in session. Luckily, there are plenty of productivity apps to help you juggle your family’s schedules. The following seven apps are designed to help relieve your stress and get the most out of your day.

Cozi Family Organizer

A shared calendar with to-do lists is perfect if your kids are old enough to have a cell phone or tablet. By making sure everyone in the family has downloaded Cozi Family Organizer, you can keep track of important tasks and dates. The app not only incorporates calendar and event features, but also allows you to keep a journal and shopping lists as well.


This app first became popular with businesses, but it’s great for families too. With CudaSign, you can sign permission slips, medical forms and any other documents related to personal bookkeeping. If you want to make sure your child has insurance and medical information on hand for emergencies, you can also use this app for document storage.


If you have a child that struggles to remember important dates, use TextMinder to remind them as specific dates get closer. You can set up the app to send daily reminders or just a heads up for major events or tasks.

Bank of Mom

Keeping your family productive also means cutting back on needless spending. Help your children use money responsibly with this handy app. Bank of Mom allows your kids to set up an account and practice taking charge of their allowance by withdrawing and depositing their funds as necessary. The app lets them track spending and saving patterns to give them real-world lessons in budgeting their money.

JotNot Scanner Pro

When you’re trying to stay organized, JotNot Scanner Pro allows you to keep important information handy at all times. This app lets you use your camera to scan important papers and documents. You can then turn them into PDF files to store, or share through email.

Home Budget

If you don’t have time to calculate your expenses every month, try the HomeBudget app. With an easy-to-understand layout, you can monitor your balance and draw up a monthly, weekly or even annual budget. You can also track your spending by taking pictures of your receipts and categorizing them as needed.


With 30/30, each person can structure his or her own to-do list. This simple but effective task manager lets each user choose the amount of time they need to spend on any given task. Balancing screen time with homework, for instance, is very simple using this platform. The app reminds you when you need to move on to a new task or when you have time for a short break.

Using these productivity apps can help keep you and your family on track. Whether you need help with family finance or time management, you can get there stress-free with these great programs.

Let us know your recommendations for productivity apps.

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