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Don’t Sweat Summer Stress with These 3 Tips

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When many of us daydream about summer, we imagine spending our days lounging on a warm, sunny beach. In reality, instead of relaxing, our schedules quickly become filled with cookouts, bonfires and ballgames, and our weekends turn into trips to the mountains, the local amusement park and our favorite music festivals.

While all those activities can be fun, adding a packed social schedule to daily responsibilities at work and home makes it easy to see why summer can be an overwhelming time of year.

If you’re feeling stressed, check out these tips to beat the chaos and have more time for some much needed relaxation.

Have a Productive Morning

Combat the stress of managing a hectic schedule by getting more done in the mornings. Whether you choose to load the dishwasher before leaving the house or take a few minutes to set out the kids’ uniforms for that night’s ballgame, anything you can do in the morning to help eliminate rushing around when you get home from work can help de-stress busy summer nights for everyone.

For more ideas on how you can make more time to spend with your friends and family this summer, check out these five tips for making your mornings more productive.

Learn more about managing stress.

Discover a New Hobby

Making time for yourself during the summer can be challenging, but it’s important to find opportunities to focus solely on you and your interests. Finding a hobby that you enjoy is an easy way to set aside a few minutes for yourself every day.

Looking for a way to relax, but can’t make it to the beach? Try coloring. Studies have shown that this childhood pastime can reduce anxiety and stress in adults. Learn more about how you can reap the health benefits of this trend.

If coloring isn’t for you, why not try gardening? Whether you live on an acre of land or in an apartment with a balcony, a container garden is an easy way to get started. Before planting your first seed, check out the other health benefits of gardening and tips for getting started.

Lend a Helping Hand

Concerts, outings to sports games and nights out on the town can add up. Having a good time in the summer can be a budget buster. A great free alternative is to take the time to help someone else.

Volunteering is an easy way to cut costs while providing the opportunity to use your talents to help others within your community.

Are you looking for ideas on where you, your friends and your loved ones can start lending a helping hand this summer? Check out this guide to volunteer opportunities in Tennessee.

Summer is one season everyone should be able to enjoy. By finding stress-busting strategies that work for you, you can be on your way to less stress and more quality time with your friends and family this summer.

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