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How to Get Enough Vitamin D in the Winter

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During the winter, many of us opt to spend most of our time indoors away from the cold weather. But staying inside could mean you’re missing out on vitamin D, a chemical compound often absorbed through our skin from sunlight.

Vitamin D helps support your immune system and the growth of bones and teeth. Having a deficiency can cause problems including insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and suppressed immune function.

Worried about getting enough vitamin D this winter? Check out these key tips to getting enough without stepping out in the cold.

Foods Rich in Vitamin D

When sunbathing is out of the question, you can use select food sources to increase your vitamin D intake. Foods like cod liver oil, salmon or other fish products that are rich in vitamin D can help give your body the boost it needs Other foods like fortified milk, mushrooms and eggs contain smaller amounts of vitamin D if you’re looking to mix it up.

Recipes with Vitamin D

Make sure you’re getting your vitamin D with these easy, healthy recipes:

  • Soup is great for this time of year. Instead of making a cream of mushroom soup, try this mushroom barley soup. With only 15 minutes of prep, this recipe is tasty and satisfying without the fat.
  • Have dinner ready in 20 minutes with this healthy recipe for salmon tacos. Get your vitamin D with a serving of salmon and the zingy flavor of cumin, lime juice and cilantro.
  • Need a quick, healthy breakfast? For only 50 calories, try these egg muffin cups. Make a batch on Sunday night and just grab them on your way to work during the week.

Vitamin D Supplements

You can easily find vitamin D capsules lining most drugstore and grocery shelves. But knowing which bottle to choose is also important. When looking for the right fit, note that the D3 form of the vitamin is often preferable to the D2 form. The body more easily absorbs this form of vitamin D.

How do you keep your vitamin D intake up during the cold months? Let us know in the comments!

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