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Add These In-Season Fruits and Vegetables to Your Fall Recipes

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Not only does fall bring cooler weather, turning leaves and football games, but also an abundant harvest of fresh and healthy foods to incorporate into your daily meal planning.

Keep the following staples on your grocery list for all your fall food recipes.

Winter Squash

Squash soup has long been a favorite on a cold day, but you can also keep things simple by baking squash in the oven and adding a little seasoning for a side dish. Or sweeten up your baked squash with brown sugar or cinnamon for a healthy dessert. When making roasts, replace potatoes with squash for a healthier alternative, or add cooked squash to pasta dishes for something a little different than high-fat beef or sausage.

Sweet Potatoes

Like squash, you can simply bake sweet potatoes and season them to be either spicy or sweet. With their high nutritional value and fiber content, sweet potato fries are becoming more popular than ever over the traditional french fry, since baking them avoids unhealthy fried fat. You can also mash them like a traditional potato or indulge in some sweet potato pie after dinner.


Speaking of pie, what food is more associated with fall than pumpkins? Rich in potassium, vitamins and fiber, pumpkin isn’t just for holiday meals. Use it in muffins for a spicy, moist treat, or pair it up with pancakes and maple syrup. Pumpkin also makes a great addition to bread pudding and, like squash, make a delicious soup. You can also roast the seeds from your fall pumpkins for a crunchy salad topping or just to eat on their own.

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Baked apples make for a warm, fragrant treat on chilly days. This fall fruit can be used in homemade applesauce, fruit salad or apple crisp with vanilla frozen yogurt as a quicker, simpler alternative to apple pie. You can even grill apple slices to top a gourmet burger with a splash of balsamic vinegar.


Pears are often the overlooked fruit of fall. Try this subtly sweet fruit in crisps or cobblers for a healthy dose of vitamin C. Try baking them as you would apples, or caramelize them in a skillet for a sweet treat. Pears taste fantastic with Gorgonzola cheese, whether you’re topping a salad or a pizza.


For a boost of vitamin C, folate and fiber, use the juice for meat marinades or add it to your cranberry sauce for more delicious fruit flavor. Don’t forget pomegranate seeds in salads and dips such as guacamole. Pomegranate also makes a sweet treat when combined with mint, sugar and water to make sorbet.

There are so many healthy choices at the supermarket, so be sure you take advantage of these fall power foods while they are still in season.

Share your favorite fall recipes below!

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